EcoDuro paper pallets combine the best qualities you need in shipping pallets. Lightweight, clean, and strong,
EcoDuro engineered paper pallets are ideal for many diverse applications.

Export -
EcoDuro pallets are perfect for export. Exempt from IPPC and other regulations, they can solve your
problems associated with export pallets. See our Export page for details.

Display Pallets - Eco
Duro pallets are ideal for direct display needs. Neat, clean, and nail-free, they work great in the
retail environment. Additionally, because they can be easily disposed of in standard compactors, there is no problem
with disposal at store level. Whether it's a half-size pallet for an end-cap display, or a custom-size pallet for a stand-
alone display,
EcoDuro products are perfect for both shipping and display of your product.

Custom Needs - At
EcoDuro we break the mold. With plastic pallets, expensive molds are needed when a custom size
is made. With wood, lack of flexibility due to standard sizes of lumber makes for waste and excess cost when making
custom sizes.
EcoDuro paper pallets, are easily customized for your particular need. Whether you are shipping eight
foot long doors, 2 by 2 crates, or simply need a special pallet so your product doesn’t overhang and get damaged,
Duro has the solution.
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