The best pallet value, from start to finish.

The true value of a pallet is in how it maximizes efficiencies throughout the supply chain.
Duro pallets combine the strength of wood, the low weight of paper, and the cleanliness
and durability of plastic, resulting in a pallet that gives users the best attributes of
alternative pallets.

Duro's standard pallets weigh just 9 to 19 pounds, and can save significantly on air and
LTL shipping costs, as well as help with OSHA compliance. The Eco
Duro Pallet can also
reduce damage and injury costs due to its 100% top deck coverage and no splinters or
nails. Eco
Duro pallets contain no risky chemicals and are mass-machined, making for a
uniform pallet every time. What’s more, with all the tightening import / export regulations
and environmental issues associated with other pallets, staying in compliance is getting
tougher every day. Eco
Duro Pallets are exempt from IPPC regulations and are easily
recycled and re-pulpable.

Duro pallets, providing you with value, and with peace of mind.
Freight Savings Example
  EcoDuro Pallet
Weight in lbs
Air Freight per lb
EPG Air Savings vs others
LTL (48' trailer) per lb
EPG LTL Savings vs others
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