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Raiz Investment Review: In the past, Australians have seen a strong downturn in their economy which has forced them to develop new ways of making money. According to some studies conducted by researchers, the new generation of Australians may face the coming economic downturn. Given this situation, Australians are turning to micro-investing because traditional investing can put hard-earned money at risk; Also, people did not have enough money to invest traditionally.

To counter all these risky situations, a micro trading application called Raiz has been launched People are investing in this application to earn some pass We have dedicated this article to highlight how this application works and its details. This is basically is an article.

So, without further ado let’s get started for the best Raiz review.

Raiz Investment Review: What is Raiz?

Raiz Investment is an application, targeted at Australians, designed to allow investment with a small number of funds. It was developed in February 2016.

This Fetch app enables its users to invest in a pre-built portfolio even with as little as $5. Basically, it accumulates small amounts of investment regularly and then builds large wealth. Raiz shares similarities with apps like Uber and Airbnb. We must be conversant with Uber’s work as it allows drivers to connect people who need any form of transportation. The way it works, Raiz mediates an easy connection between people with spare cash and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs pool these investments and invest in various stocks and aim to generate profits. This is the Raiz Investment Plan.

Raiz Functions and Functionality:

The application β€œRaiz” features a highly user-friendly interface and experience that eases the process of managing the application. A clear digest of how you can invest in Raiz Following is the method of raiz investment:

1- Deposit:

Raiz users have three different options for adding money to their Raiz investment account.

The three investment options are:

  • Round-ups:

In this deposit option, Raiz adds some amount and rounds the money and then invests it.

  • Lump-sum:

It is like investing what you have in your bank account.

3 – Recurring deposits:

This option allows you to fix or allocate a certain amount of money to be deposited into the Raiz account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Choose a Custom Portfolio

After selecting investments, you need to select an investment portfolio There are six choices of investment portfolios to choose from: Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, Aggressive and Emerald.

What is Raiz Portfolio?

Each portfolio consists of a diverse allocation of the same ETFs based on different types of risk. These portfolios are expertly designed to adapt to and achieve different goals, keeping in mind the acceptable risk and time desired to be in the market. You also have the option to change your portfolio whenever you want without paying any extra. This portfolio helps to leverage the investment to generate profit.

What is Raiz Referral Code?

Well if you also want to start micro investing then you can sigh on the Raiz from our referral code which is ___ or referral link which will give you free $10 as sign up bonus.

Raiz Investments Review: What Are Raiz ETFs?

Basically, an ETF is a mutual fund that trades on a Raiz stock exchange Similarly, ETFs can have different compositions, they can be made up of stocks, bonds, or a combination of the two.


When you have made some money after doing something with the investment, you can easily withdraw your funds without paying any hidden or obvious fees. But, you have to wait for a period of 5 days for the withdrawal.

3- What is Raiz Investing?

Raiz uses the money deposited in your account to invest in different stocks or in different portfolios, as discussed above, to earn money.

4-Raiz Fees:

Although creating an account on Raiz is free, it charges users certain fees which are as follows:

1-Maintenance Fees:

First, Raiz charges you a maintenance fees when you deposit money into an investment account. If, you opt for a risk-based portfolio or an emerald portfolio, it will pay you $3.50 per month if your balance is less than $15,000. Similarly, a custom portfolio charges an additional fees of $4.50 per month if the balance is less than $20,000, while investors in the Sapphire portfolio will incur a $3.50 fees regardless of their account balance. In short, it is a type of raiz fees.

2-Account Fees:

When trading on Raiz, if you have an account balance of more than $15000, it will not charge a monthly insurance fees like other insurances such as Jewely Insurance, home insurance, car insurance, etc. Instead, it will charge a small fee of 0.275. Annually, monthly That means, for example, if you have $20,000 in your account, you’ll pay $55 a year. Similarly, the same fees is charged for all other portfolio types. However, if you are working on a Sapphire portfolio, you will pay an account fees of 0.275% in addition to the maintenance fees.

3-ETF Management Fees:

You may have noticed in the above paragraphs that Raiz is quite upfront in its fees and charges. Similarly, you should be aware that ETFs also charge their own management fees Therefore, they charge a collective fees of 0.04% annually, which equates to $20 per year on a $50,000 balance.

These are the three types of Raiz fees for maintaining your account.

Raiz Q/A

A famous website went to its CEO and Director Mr. George Lucas to understand something about the user experience of merchants. They asked him some questions and got answers so far.

Q1: What are the advantages for self-directed investors in employing Raiz to invest? What advantages does Raiz offer relative to its competitors?

He replied that Raiz is definitely not a product We expect self-directed investors to invest alongside their other savings and investments It’s about investing small amounts of money on a regular basis to get some profit without negatively impacting their lifestyle. Moreover, it offers a great opportunity to users making small investments to earn capital over time.

Q2: -How do you prove that a small investment can really make a difference?

Answer: You can think of Raiz as a digital currency container that is meant to be filled with money. If you sign in and get full features, it will track or monitor your credit and debit card spending for shopping. For example, when you spend $3.50 on one of your cards, for example on a subway, a fraction of that, e.g. $0.50 will be invested Plus, when this small investment earns more than $5, you can easily withdraw it from the linked bank account to your Raiz account.

Interesting Features of Raiz:

Here we present some fetching features of Raiz that will lead you to invest in it: If you are aiming to invest in a Raiz, you are likely to enjoy these features.

1-It is good for newbies:

One of the main reasons Raiz has gained some popularity and notoriety is that anyone can use it without being so expert in trading. Unlike other investment platforms, where you need a large amount to start, he also offers an invaluable opportunity to invest from 5$.

2- Fractional Investment:

A great and really key feature of this investment platform is that it allows its users to buy a fraction of the ETF compared to the amount of money in your preferred portfolio.

3-Regular savings:

Raiz assures you that regular small investments can lead to huge wealth in the future By offering automatic round-up feature, you can contribute money as often as you want.

4-Withdrawal of Independence:

Raiz offers unlimited deposits and withdrawals regardless of time limit. You can deposit and withdraw whenever you want.

Raiz Investment Review: Is Raiz For Kids?

Apart from young and old people, the Raiz Child feature allows you to deposit money in an investment account for children under 18 years of age. Also, children are not a separate account and remain within your main account. You can choose yourself what percentage of your top-ups should be invested in that account for your children.

Pros and Cons of Raiz Application:

By reading this section you can get a better understanding of this investment application.

1) This investment platform offers a great desktop and Android experience Its notifications won’t interrupt you and won’t annoy you at all. 1) It also charges slightly higher fees for lower account balances For example, if you have won a balance of $250, the $3.50 charge will negatively impact your investment.
2) In this application, you don’t need to fill long and tedious forms Depositing and withdrawing money is very simple. 2) He always creates some risk factor for investment. This means you can lose a decent amount of money if the market crashes.
3) Provides excellent customer support, you can ask for help whenever you want without any tedium. 3) You are able to invest in various stock markets you want.
4) Raiz also rewards its users in the form of some cashback or shopping discounts.4) Only individuals can invest on this platform.

Raiz Investment Review: Is Raiz Safe?

So far, many users have given satisfactory reviews about it. According to them, Raiz has an Australian financial services license so if something bad or catastrophic happens the traders will not be completely bankrupt. It has also developed a strong security setup due to increasing security threats In a Nutshell, it is a secure platform. Therefore, yours should be a Raiz investment.

Raiz vs. Spaceship

Feature RaizSpaceship
Portfolio options It gives 7 different portfoliosThere are three portfolios
Trading FeesCharges a fee of $3.50 monthlyCharges $2.50 per month
Key BenefitsIt is collectively low costIt provides an easy way to invest in Stocks


Above was the full Raiz review or explanation about Raiz investing If you want to know more about investing read other posts from our website.

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