Review of Commsec Pocket 2023: Is it a Good Investment?

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Commsec Pocket Review – It is a micro-investment platform or so called pocket app where people can invest very small amount and it is very safe and easy investment platform created in 2017 by Commonwealth Bank of Australia called Commsec Pocket App.

Australian investors can start their investment journey through this pocket app by investing as little as $50 AUD. Investors can trade 7 (seven) different types of ETFs, which we will discuss further in this article. ETFs mean a stock of 10-20 or 100 stocks collectively arranged in ETFs into a category such as stocks, mining stocks, healthcare stocks, etc.

The main idea for developing Commsec pocket app is to give opportunity to people who don’t have much money to invest in share market or they are completely new to investment. Compared to normal Commsec trading apps, Commsec Pocket app is cheaper to start investing.

How does the Commsec Pocket app work?

  • Simply, users need to register on the commsec pocket app and create their unique username and password, then they need to login to the app. Then the user will have a choice of around 7 ETFs to choose from.
  • User can choose any type of ETF to start their investment journey according to the price of ETF that fits in their budget.
  • After selecting the desired ETFs option the user can pay their fees and amount for the ETF.
  • As soon as the payment is cleared, the ETF number will start reflecting in the Commsec Pocket app account.

Finally….woohooo…. The user is no longer a user…he or she is now an investor.

Features of Commsec Pocket

  • Investments can be made automatically using in-app direct debit services.
  • More than 6 ETFs to choose from as an initial investment.
  • This is a CHESS sponsored app that provides an ultimate level of security to investors’ investments.
  • Brokerage is very low if the investor invests more than $1000 AUD.
  • Commsec wallet maintenance fees are very low, even in some cases its completely free.

What is the Commsec Pocket Fees?

Well Commsec pocket fees is very reasonable, let live more in real numbers. If the investment is less than $1000, Commsec Pocket only charges $2AUD to trade or purchase selected ETFs. On the other hand, if the investment amount is more than $1000, COMMSEC charges 0.2% of the investment amount invested by an investor.

If you try to invest in shares or ETFs using the Commonwealth Bank’s main app that’s Commsec only. Investors have to pay $10aud for the trade they make and the minimum trade in Commsec is $500, which is very expensive and more difficult for new investors to start their investment journey.

Some other options like Riaz, Spaceship or Selffit are available in the market. The fees on these micro-investing platforms may be low but they are not as secure as Commsec Pocket and their features are completely different from the Commsec Pocket app. So, we think that Commsec pocket fee is reasonable.

Is the Commsec Pocket app secure?

Yes, it is 99% safe

We said 99% safe because, this is a CHESS sponsored app which means the investor who invested money using this app and bought any type of ETF is a legal shareholder of that ETF or company.

1% is risk volatility, which means that sometimes new investors panic when they see a drop in the stock market, but ups and downs are normal in this game. So, if the new investor sells at a loss then it is definitely a loss for that person due to lack of knowledge and experience of stock market investing.

In the long term, investing in shares can be risky but these types of micro investment app investments are almost 100% safe and they also give good returns over time.

The advice to new investors is to just keep investing and don’t panic if ETFs go up or down in value. Over time you will see green everywhere and benefit too. Note that this is just advice from our experience, not financial advice. Do not invest if you are going to rely entirely on this information.

What is the current Commsec Pocket ETF or list of commsec Pocket ETFs?

Aussie top 200: IOZ

These ETFs are a combination of the top 200 companies listed on the ASX-Australian Securities Exchange or ASX200.
Global 100: 100

These ETFs are a combination of the top 100 companies in the world. Companies from Australia, United Kingdom, United States have acquired the highest stakes in it.
Aussie dividends: SYI
This ETFs is a combination of 30 companies in history that have given the highest value as returns in the form of dividends to lucky investors.
Emerging markets: IEM
These ETFs are a mix of well-established companies and more than 780 businesses around the world. Businesses or companies from India, Taiwan, Korea and developing countries are among the top long-term leaders in this ETF.
HealthWise: IXJPharmaceuticals and global health-focused companies.5.50%0.46%
Sustainable leaders: ETHIWorlds top 200 sustainable companies are the main holders in this ETF.22.00%0.59%
Tech savvy: NDQThis ETF is a mix of 100 tech companies from around the world, especially from countries like the US, China and Australia.21.00%0.48%
commsec pocket etfs

Commsec pocket ETFS
Commsec pocket ETFS

What is the best Commsec Pocket ETF?

Well, this can be clearly seen by comparing different types of Commsec Pocket ETFs in terms of their returns and management fees.

But their is another reason to find the best ETF if you’re…confused?
Well it depends on the individual what are their goals and reasons for investing. Time period also plays an important role in calculating the best ETF.

For testing – someone will get a different return than someone who has invested the same amount of money in ETHI since 5 years.

Commsec Pocket Review 2023

Does Commsec Pocket App Pay Dividend on Investment?

Yes, lucky investor….
They pay dividends on investments made by investors. As ETFs are the main investment on this platform, as everyone knows that each company has its own schedule of paying dividends, like Commsec Pocket App Dividends are paid according to the amount of ETF holdings and EFTs are paid according to the scheduled time of dividend payment.

Commsec Pocket for Kids

Honestly they don’t have any dedicated option in Commsec pocket app for investing for kids. Only parents need to make up their mind that what they are investing in this micro investor app is for their kids. Otherwise they are no comm pocket for kids.

Certainly, a couple of their more micro-investing apps are on the market like Rise and Spaceship. If you really want some dedicated ETF investment account for your kids, then go for these apps

Commsec Pocket Login

Logging into the Commsec Pocket app is very easy, just fill in your username and password. Reset your password or username if you can’t log in. It may ask you for your linked credit card PIN to verify.

Commsec Pocket Performance

The interface of the app is very easy to use and its performance is superfast Newbies can easily manage the Pocket app and invest in ETFs.

Commsec Pocket Security

The Commsec Pocket app itself is highly secure and password protected Moreover, investing in the app is also very safe as they are all sponsored by CHESS which means the investor is a legal holder of that ETF.

Commsec Pocket Broker Fees

Commsec pocket fees is clearly mentioned above that it is $2 aud on $1000 trade and 0.02% if the trade is above $1000aud.

Commsec Pocket Support

Well those are the clear pages for FAQs, however if you have any questions regarding the commsec Pocket app, just email or get in touch here.

Commsec Pocket Return

Commsec Pocket returns are very good in long term. They are higher than keeping your money in the bank because it will slowly eat into it every year.

What is the difference between commsec vs commsec pocket? – Commsec vs commsec pocket

CommsecCommsec pocket

Commsec is a dedicated app for buying ETFs and stocks in bulk and their minimum purchase is $500 and fees are $10 for trades up to $500 and trade values ​​up to $10,000.
CommSec Pocket is a micro-investment app where investors invest their money to buy ETFs worth as little as $50. Their fee is only $2 for trades up to $1000 and 0.02% for trades over $1000AUD.
Commsec vs commsec pocket

What is Pocket Commsec?

Pocket Commsec is similar to Commsec Pocket Sometimes new investors look for Pocket Commsec instead of Commsec Pocket as they are hearing about this app for the first time.

Commsec Pocket vs Rise

Investors with less than $50 to invest in the first round can choose Rise App as their minimum investment cost is $5. They have a feature called Raise Rewards where users/investors can earn free money.

Commsec Pocket VS Spaceship

Spaceship Micro-Investment App is a product of UK and they mainly focus on tech savvy companies, so less option of ETF investment compared to Commsec pocket but yes sure their fees are much lower than Commsec.

Commsec Pocket Withdrawal Fees

Well they are no withdrawal fees on Commsec pocket app, no cost and once you place withdrawal request your funds will be credited to your linked bank account within 2 days.

Commsec Pocket Reddit

They have a community on Reddit who constantly talk about the pros and cons of the Commsec Pocket app and they discuss Commsec Pocket fees.

Also, on Commsec Pocket Reddit, people talk about their investment journey with Pocket Commsec. The community also talks about Commsec dividends on them to see how much they got worth of the investment.

Commsec Pocket Barefoot Investor

Barefoot investors also recommend this micro trading app Commsec Pocket Barefoot Investor is very happy with its fees and features.


How much should I invest in CommSec Pocket?

Minimum investment amount is $50 AUD and $2 AUD fee for trades under $1000 AUD. To answer how much you should invest in COMMSEC Pocket, we recommend going through your investment budget to see how much money you can afford to invest.

How Commsec Pocket Pays Dividends?

When any ETF is due for dividends, the dividends from that ETF are automatically reinvested in your account. Overall, the dividend distribution process is fully automated in Commsec Pocket App.

Is Commsec pocket good?

Yes, Commsec Pocket is good because it gives new investors an opportunity to start their investment journey from $50 which is very less to risk in the stock market.

Is CommSec Pocket a good long-term investment?

Yes, Commsec Pocket app is good for long term investment as some ETFs pay more than 22% returns per annum whereas average fixed bank deposits become less than Commsec Pocket.


Commsec Pocket App is a useful micro-investment app, with many benefits, investors have various options to choose from different types of ETFs. Commsec pocket fees is also very realistic that every investor can afford it easily. Commsec Pocket ETFs are also highly diversified as commsec tries to keep investors’ rakes low. We think this is the Commsec pocket app review of 2023.

If you like our commsec pocket app review or detailed explanation of commsec pocket app and its fees, features than share it with your friends so they can start their investment journey through micro-investing app.

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