Bridge from Solana to FTM | Safe Guide in 2023✅

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Welcome to another special post 👋. In this article, we will explain how to bridge Solana to FTM and Solana to Fantasy very easily. If, you truly want to know then read this post till the end.

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Solana to FTM Bridge Requirements

Straight forward, if you want to transfer your money, assets, holdings from Solana to Phantom Opera, you need to transfer 2 different bridge protocols such as:

  • Portal by Wormhole: This advanced bridge protocol will help you transfer Solana (SOL) to Ethereum (ETH). The portal offers unlimited transactions for those currencies that are covered by the wormhole and provides bridging services only to those cryptocurrencies.
  • Synapse Protocol: This bridge protocol helps assets, money, holdings reach their final destination by converting ETH to FTM.

How to bridge Solana to FTM

If you want to bridge Solana to FTM with other cryptocurrencies like ETH or USDC they are very simple steps to follow. Two different cross-chain bridge decentralized applications are required as above where one will transfer Solana to ETH (Ethereum) virtual machines and the second will transfer Ethereum to the SOL network ecosystem.

These users need to go through a process consisting of a few steps, which are:

Step on Portal Token Bridge (SOL to ETH)

Solana to FTM bridge | ETH to SOL
Solana to FTM bridge | ETH to SOL

The Phantom from Bridge Solana | SOL to FTM Bridge

  1. First, you must have a Metamask wallet or any other ETH wallet to accept transactions.
  2. Second, on the Portal Bridge, select the tokens you want to transfer from Solana to Phantom.
  3. Third, choose Ethereum (ETH) for the destination chain.
  4. Fourth, verify (double check) and approve the transaction.

Now wait for some time to receive the token in the Ethereum wallet which was connected in the beginning.

Steps on Synapse Protocol (ETH to FTM)

Bridge Solana to Fantom | SOL to FTM bridge
Bridge Solana to Fantom | SOL to FTM bridge

Solana to FTM Bridge | ETH to SOL

Once you receive the assets in the Ethereum wallet after transacting on the portal, only then do you convert the EOL to SOL and transfer the assets from SOL to the FTM ecosystem using the Synapse protocol.

  1. Select Ethereum and enter the amount of tokens/assets you want to bridge to Phantom.
  2. After selecting the property value, click on the BRIDGE button.
  3. Boom, you have successfully bridged your tokens from Solana (SOL) to Phantom (FTM).

Payment for FTM Bridge from Solana

All types of transaction fees on Solana network are very cheap and they are below 1c But when you want to go from SOL to FTM, there are different decentralized apps used and some of them can be expensive when transacting using the ETH network.

Besides, when you want to transfer your assets from ETH to SOL, you have to pay more gas fee and it is usually very high and it can be $100 to $150 per transaction.

Therefore, with large amounts of tokens, assets from Solana to FTM can be expensive.

Current value of SOL vs FTM

Another method on how to bridge from Solana to Phantom?

👇👇👇 This method uses to move Solana to fantom👇👇👇

Solana to FTM (Fantom) bridge


So in the above article, we discussed Phantom Bridge about Solana how user can transfer assets from Solana network ecosystem to Phantom ecosystem. We have also mentioned the step-by-step guide for bridging using Daps Bridge fees for SOL to FTM movement were also discussed.

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