Review of the Spaceship Voyager 2023: Is it a wise investment? -Update

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Spaceship Voyager Review: In the 2008-2010 era, Australians went through a financial crisis that caused them to share in macro or traditional investments. Since traditional investments require large sums of money that are able to withstand market volatility, they were not in a position to do so at all.

Spaceship Voyager Review 2023

Over time, some startling reports showed a future financial meltdown that turned top cream’s genius into something that could support a small investment for a decent profit. Among many applications and platforms, Space Voyager was developed for micro-capital investments among struggling entrepreneurs. We’ve dedicated this article to the Spaceship Investment Review.

Spaceship Voyager Spaceship Voyager Review

It’s an application, originally aimed at Australians, developed to support micro-investing: enabling newbies to start investing with as little as possible. This application has given two important benefits: one of them is that even inexperienced and poor people can invest and secondly, it has increased the fear of losing hard-earned and huge amount of money from investors.

In contrast to our global financial system, this application works very poorly: where you look for a piece of human financial advice, Voyager offers an automated strategy for investing through its technology. However, this reduces personalization by automating it a bit, but it is still much cheaper than consulting a financial advisor and makes it an ideal choice for newbies with little financial assets. You can judge Spaceship Voyager performance by looking at its basic features.

Investors have three options to invest in their various portfolios, including the ability to make lump sum deposits or set up regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly top-ups. Moreover, you can monitor the progress of the portfolio through the application More content to be covered in this Spaceship Investment Review article.

Spaceship Voyager Review: How Do You put money into With Spaceship Voyager?

In terms of how we put money into in Spaceship, the platform enables traders to Spaceship Voyager Review: How Do You put money into With Spaceship Voyager? in three verified portfolios, each comprised of institutions from around the world, such as Australia, USA, China and Argentina. However, you cannot customize or modify portfolios.

How does Spaceship Voyager work?

Getting started with the Spaceship Voyager application is very simple because it does not assign complex or complicated steps to the investor but rather makes the application easy on itself.

Here are some steps to get begined:

  • First of all, you need to download the application: it is free to download Or, you can set up an account online using an Internet browser.
  • After installing the application, or reaching the website, you just need to enter the data in the given form and here you go!
  • Third, you need to choose a portfolio among the three risk portfolios by calculating how much risk you can tolerate and how much you want to gain from your investment.
  • Finally, you need to link a bank account with your application so that your account can be credited for the investment and you can also get the benefits. It transfers easily.

This can help you expand your knowledge on Spaceship Investment Review.

What are the portfolio options in Spaceship Voyager?

There are three portfolio options available and here are their information:

1-Spaceship Universe Portfolio:

This portfolio has an active or active fund of 70-100 companies Spaceship Voyager intends to follow WWG standards WWG benchmarks monitor and analyze each company’s competitive edge, future growth products and future products. These funds play a key role in growing private companies such as Facebook, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and Afterpay, Zipp and Sec.

2-Specific Index Portfolio:

Spaceship offers another portfolio option that consists of 100 Australian shares in 100 global assets. In addition, it is an [active index fund that selects using an equally weighted index of the largest companies with market capitalization. Employing an equal-weighted index rather than a market-weighted index helps reduce the influence of large companies and increases exposure to smaller companies. This volume of Spaceship Investment Reviews highlights a variety of portfolios.

Here is the range of target wealth allocation for this portfolio:

  • 75% of the world’s largest public companies (range 70-80%)
  • Australian large public companies 20% (range 15-25%)
  • Cash 5% (range 0-10%)

3-Spaceship Earth Portfolio:

Last but not least, we have Spaceship Earth portfolio which is an active fund of 30 to 50 companies that have a positive and positive impact on Earth and their planet in various negative areas like poverty, quality education and climate. The funds are used for a negative screening process to exclude or stop companies involved in activities such as:

  • Biofuels
  • Animal cruelty
  • Abuse of human rights
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Gambling

With 3 different options, these portfolios shed a lot of light on Spaceship Voyager performance.

Can I customize investment portfolios?

Unfortunately, Spaceship Investment Reviews reveals that there is no option for an investment portfolio. It acts as a unit trust, in which investments from other investors are pooled and then invested in the investment portfolio. You are entitled to own units in the fund and each unit represents a favorable beneficial interest in the assets collectively.

How much does Spaceship Voyager cost? | Cost of Spaceship Voyager?

Initially, it costs no sign-up fee and further, there are no fees above $50,000 invested. After that, investors have to pay a percentage of their balance above $5,000 You can see the payment details in the table below Last but not least, there are no withdrawal, exit, or brokerage fees Therefore, middle class people appreciate the performance of Spaceship Voyager.

FeesUniverse PortfolioOrigin PortfolioEarth Portfolio
Fee charged on the first $5,000 investedZeroNew ZeroZero
Fee charged on the balance above $5,0000.10% p.a0.05% p.a.0.10% p.a.
The total annual cost incurred on a balance of $10,000$5$2.50$5

Is Spacecraft a Good Investment?

With these advantages in mind, you should start investing with Spaceship Voyager:


It enables you to view your holdings and assets through a Spaceship account.

2-Low Fees:

Here, you are liable to pay only one management fee for running a portfolio.

3-Simple structure:

You can simply opt for different portfolios using a simple method.

4-Lower restrictions for startups:

Here, there is no threshold amount to start with You can also start with a dollar.

5- More global and regional exposure:

The financial industry is very broad so you can get more exposure from increased industry diversification.

6-Thoroughly selected news:

You will receive authentic news about the companies investing in your portfolio, enabling you to learn more about the business and become more skilled.

7- Regular investment top-up:

Here, you are able to set up a regular investment strategy to grow your investment every week. By following this method, you don’t need to worry about your investment. The return on investment in this platform is an important aspect of SpaceShip Voyager performance.

Pros and cons of Spaceship Voyager

So, are you prepared to download its application and start investing with this platform? Here, we present some possible pros and cons so you can have a better understanding!


There are no fees up to an investment of $5,000. This means that students and middlemen can also invest without paying any fees.

Compared to other platforms, Spaceship Voyager is an easier platform for us. It allows you to simply track your investments and profits.

The biggest feature of this platform is that there is no minimum investment amount. You can also step in for a dollar or so

Spaceship Voyager prevents it from regularly checking for top-ups. You can set up accounts on regular payments once to invest at regular intervals.


It will charge fees on investments above $5,000. So, you should consider the charges before investing a large amount.

Investing in this platform can involve various risks: Market risk is that the shares may rise or fall. Currency risk is the rapid movement of exchange rates and this can really affect your investment. The third is concentration risk which refers to if your assets are concentrated in one class set.

There is a limited choice with portfolios and there are only three portfolios.

Spaceship Voyager Review Intimates You About Its Risks So You Can Invest Safely.

Is Spaceship Voyager safe?

According to the reviews received so far, investing in this platform is sufficient as there is no minimum investment and you can start with a dollar. Over time, you’ll learn some tricks to stay on the safe side and make money. In short, it is a safe and reliable platform even from the beginning It’s a good yardstick by which to judge spaceship Voyager performance.

A comparison between Rise vs Spaceship

Feature RaizSpaceship
Portfolio options It gives 7 different portfoliosThere are three portfolios
Trading FeesCharges a fee of $3.50 monthlyCharges $2.50 per month
Key BenefitsIt is collectively low costIt provides an easy way to invest in Stocks
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